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Can I take the class, if I am not a beautician?

The answer is yes. Anybody of age and interested in the field of medical aesthetics can be part of a basics or specialization class.


Are the diplomas given out by Start Academy accredited?

The diplomas are issued by L’Ortec Medical, France, an internationally recognized company.


Are the specializations offered by Start Academy accredited?

The specializations aren’t in the Romanian officially acknowledged work fields sheet. They are part of the skill set of beauticians, aestheticians, medical assistants and make-up artists.


Can I get a job using the Start Academy diploma?

Yes, you can, if you already have a beautician, aesthetician or medical assistant’s diploma.


What is a One2One Class?

One2One classes mean that all practice hours will only have a single participant, besides the trainer.


Do all trainers have accreditation as teachers?

All Start Academy trainers have an accredited pedagogical trainer module and annually take part in international specialty conferences.


Permanent Make-Up

How long does the Permanent Make-Up class take?

The specialization class in permanent make-up takes three days.


I live in another city, can I finish the class quicker?

Yes, you can, if you go for a One2One class.


If I already have a machine and I want to take a beginner’s class, do I pay the same amount?

No, the course’s new cost will be set by deducing the device’s initial cost (443€). The course’s final price will amount to 757€.


Eyelash Extensions

Will I learn to apply eyelash extensions in a single day?

There is no exact learning time for this class. Our trainers take it upon ourselves to take extra time with every trainee, depending on their skills.



Do the courses apply solely for a type of device or product?

No, the information is available for any type of equipment distributed by any national or international producer, depending on its technical specification.


Do I have to be  dermatologist in order to operate such device?

No, it is enough for you to have a beautician, aesthetician or medical assistant’s diploma.